Day 1: Wednesday’s Recipe

Welcome to day one of the 31 day bloggers challenge.

Day one of my journey to become a blogger I will be sharing a recipe.  Hope that you enjoy!!!!

Lisa’s 5 minute Omelet

1 egg
1 tablespoon of milk
Pinch of pepper
Pinch of adobo (Goya all purpose seasoning)
Handful of fresh spinach
Cheese (optional)
Spray Pam

Mix egg, milk, pepper, and adobo  in a bowl.
Spray bottom of frying pan with Pam.
Place frying pan on low/medium fire.
Add handful of spinach when they begin to wilt a bit, pour egg mixture into the pan tilting pan back and forth to until the mixture covers the bottom of the entire pan.  With spatula go around the edges of the egg. Take the pan off of the fire slide spatula under one side and flip egg over. Return pan to fire.  With the spatula lift an edge of the egg to make sure that it is set.  You can add cheese if you want to one side of the egg.  Then fold over and place on plate.

This is how my own comes out.




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