Day 6: Monday’s Story

Welcome to ay 6 of the 31 day Challenge!!!

In my blogging journey I see so many different platforms used to express ideas.  Today I am going to use story platform and I will be telling a story on Monday’s for my 31 day Challenge.



“New Home on Cedar Street Burned to the Ground” is what headline read in this morning’s paper. He had been there just two days ago. John remembered when he was approached by Mr. Syrus to draw up plans for his new home that would be on Cedar Street, John was so excited, he did not waste any time and began creating designs immediately.   He couldn’t believe that it was gone he had to see for himself.  He picked up his keys, dashed out of his apartment heading to see what was left of the house. When he arrived there was still yellow police tape carting off the area and police activity, someone was talking to Mr. Syrus.  The house was still smoldering.


Mr. Syrus came up to him and asked John to walk around what was left of the house.  John saw that there was nothing that could be salvaged.  As he walked around the house something among the rubble caught his eye because of its color.  He walked over, bent down and picked up a yellow sunflower.   A female voice from behind him said, “Please do not touch anything from the scene.” He turned and saw Inspector Alicia Lemon.  He remembered the first time that he had met her, back when he first began this project.  She had stopped by to see how things were going courtesy of Mrs. Syrus who happened to be a close friend.  Inspector Lemon removed the flower from John’s hand and placed it into a zip lock bag marked evidence, handed it over to a deputy and moved in the direction of Mr. Syrus.

Sunflower Blooming


Stay Tuned next Monday for part 2……


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