Day 10 What I learned

Welcome to day 10 of the 31 day Challenge!!!!
Last week I questioned if blogging was really what God wanted for me to do, and how He answered my prayer. Holding His hand I approached this week not so overwhelmed, a bit more focused and ready to dive in. This is what I learned this week.

In my blogging journey I have come across several blogs that have specific “days”. So what decided to do is continued some of my days from last week into this week like: “Wednesday’s Recipe, Marriage Minute”.

writingI also tried something new this week I wrote a story for one of my blog post. It’s a bit different actually sharing a story that I have  written but that is the point of a blog.

Blogs are places where people are transparent about their feelings, thoughts, and ideas among a community.
Blogger friends if you are just starting out I say again don’t give up and don’t be afraid to share.  Pray and ask God where and what He wants you to say and trust Him.


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