Day 13: Monday’s Story

Welcome to day 13 of the 31 day Challenge!!!

Today is part 2 of the story I started last week…

Inspector Lemon told Mr. Syrus that she needed to speak with him privately.   She tells him that no one will be allowed into the area and that nothing should be removed. She explains that she had been talking with the fire chief and based on his experience he believed there were signs of arson, but nothing was yet conclusive.  They would have to wait until the arson investigation was completed.  After leaving Mr. Syrus she informs all the officers in her charge that no one else is to have access to the scene.
Mr. Syrus stood staring for a while when John walks up beside him and asks him if he is ok.  Mr. Syrus tells him that there will have to be an investigation conducted and he suggests that they both leave the area but that he will keep John up-to-date.

dinerJohn left the area to go and meet his Aunt Jane.  Aunt Jane was his favorite aunt she had 3 children Shelia, William, and David. Shelia and  William moved away when they got married, but David still lived in the area. He had been closer to William and Shelia though.  John remembered when he moved here 6 months ago Aunt Jane let him stay with her until he got on his feet. He was so grateful to his aunt she was like a second mother to him. So when she called once a month to meet up with him he never turned her down.  Today they were going to Joe’s Diner for lunch.  Aunt Jane was sitting at a table waiting for him.  He greeted her with a hug and sat down.   She asked him how everything was going and he proceeded to tell her about the fire. “Oh John, I’m so sorry”, she said.  John told her he was just happy no one was injured and that at least he had 3 more projects that he was working on.
Aunt Jane told him she wanted to plan a nice thanksgiving with the family and that even though it was just September she had already begun planning and she wanted him to attend. They enjoyed a good lunch and soon John had to leave.  He paid the bill, told his Aunt good bye and left for home.

When he reached home he went straight to his den to continue working on his other projects. After a while his mind began to wander and he thought about 6 months ago when he moved to this town in hopes of finding employment.  It had been so hard to find a job back home and for about 2 months here.  Then Mr. Syrus asked him for help building and designing his home. That project led to Mr. Watters’ project building and designing a café and Mrs. Walker’s project – a new nail salon.  He brought himself back to reality and began to focus on his projects.

Three weeks later John had started working on Mrs. Walker’s shop. Today he was running late and decided to stop in by the bakery a few blocks away.  He parked his car and ran inside.  He greeted Jenna, the cashier at the bakery and asked her for a corn muffin, mocha latte, 2 dozen donuts and a box-o-Joe coffee for his crew, he paid his bill and left.  As he was walking to his car he bumped into a young lady almost knocking her over he profusely apologized and continued walking to his car. He got in and drove to the site.    When he placed the coffee and donuts on the table something dropped to the ground.  He looked down there he saw a sunflower.

Sunflower Blooming



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