Day 21: Monday’s Story

Welcome to day 21 of the 31 day Challenge!!!

Due to some difficulties my continuation of the Monday Story is today on Tuesday!

Here is:  Part 3…

Sunflower Blooming

Where had the sunflower come from? Thoughts raced through his mind all day.  By the time he reached home he had retraced his entire day about half a dozen times with no results as to who left the sunflower.  He even stopped back at the bakery to ask Jenna if she had seen anyone with a sunflower and she had told him she saw nothing. For three weeks nothing out of the ordinary happened, prompting John to believe that maybe the sunflower he found at the work site had just been a coincidence.
On one Tuesday evening the phone rang and woke John up from a nap. It was Mr. Syrus and he told John that the investigators had concluded that it was indeed arson.  The authorities had an ongoing investigation looking for the suspect, and that it would probably be a few months before work could resume again. John hung up the phone he couldn’t believe that it was arson. Why would someone want to burn down Mr. Syrus’ home? He just could not wrap his mind around it.
John knew he needed to get ready because his Aunt had invited him over for dinner.  Since it was such a nice evening he decided that he would walk.  With one block left to go John started feeling strange almost as if someone were following him. He slowly turns around and sees nothing out of the ordinary.  He just couldn’t shake the feeling and decided to walk faster in order to reach Aunt Jane’s house.  When he got there he knocks rapidly on the door, he could hear his Aunt running to the door. She opened it and let him in. “What’s the matter John?” she asked.  He steps in, takes a few deep breaths, and tells his aunt that he thought someone might have been following him.  Aunt Jane sticks her head out of the door and looks up and down her block but sees nothing.  Once John is calm he went to wash his hands and joined his Aunt at the table that he sees is set for three. “Are you excepting someone else, Aunt Jane”, he asks.  “Yes dear, David will be joining us”.  No sooner had she said that, David walks through the door.  He goes to wash his hands and joins them.  Aunt Jane monopolized the whole dinner conversation about her plans for Thanksgiving.  After dinner David who is also an architect asks John to help with a project.  He wanted John to go over a set of designs and join on site the next 3 days.  John agrees to help since he knows that he will be available since he’s waiting for a permit for Ms. Walker’s site.  They set up a meeting time for the following morning.  John then he tells his Aunt and David that he is going to leave early because he wants to walk home before it gets any darker.
While walking home John starts feeling that someone is following him again.  He picked up his pace and was sure that he had heard footsteps behind him.  Instead of turning around to check, John decides that he would just run home.  Once inside his apartment he locked the door and leans the back of a chair underneath the door knob.  He then goes into his den and locks himself in for added security.  He stays in there all night working on the plans that David had given him and eventually falls asleep.
newspaper   John rises early to meet David at the site.  David finally arrives about 20 minutes after John does with coffee, croissants, and newspapers.  John    hands David the plans with adjustments he had made and makes his way to the table where the breakfast was set up.  John picks up the newspaper and the headline reads: “Nail Salon Development Burned to the Ground”. John could hardly believe what he was reading.  Ms. Walker’s nail salon had burned down.  He wasn’t sure if he should leave or keep his word and help David.  He explains to David the situation and lets him know that he will stay to help him and after work he will visit the site.


Stay tuned next week for part 4!!!


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