Day 22: Restaurants

Welcome to day 22 of the 31 day Challenge!!!!!

Every now and then we get an opportunity to go out to a restaurant to have a meal.

I do have my favorites and I am sharing a few with you my blogger friends!

I enjoy PF Chang’s  the atmosphere here is always inviting with no bright lights. The food is real good and is one of the places that I don’t mind venturing out and ordering different dishes.

Another favorite  of mine is going out for food at an Indian restaurant! There use to be a little restaurant that we would visit called Tandoori House(excellent) but unfortunately it shut down so we had to find another one.  We came across King of Tandoor the food is good!!!

Indian Soup 5    Indian Samosa 5


Some Indian Restaurants have buffets for either lunch or dinner at a set price and the food is unlimited.  One of the best buffet that I have found is Indian Taj Restaurant. The staff nice and attentive.  One day we decided to try another buffet which was just a few steps from Indian Taj  it’s called Mumbai Grill.  This restaurant  food was pretty good (picture below). This particular area where these two restaurants are located has many Indian Restaurants so your choices are endless. I do have another restaurant that I am aiming to get to try Jackson Diner. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Indian bbuffet 2


I remember going to Friendly’s restaurant often in college, but I hadn’t been there is such a long time.  When I finally got the opportunity to go back this is what I got soooo good!!!!




I have a long list but these are just a few that have stood out.  If you ever get a chance stop by and check it out.  Let me know what you think.







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