Day 23: Marriage Minute!!

Welcome to day 23 of the 31 day challenge!!!!

Today I have the forth installment of the Marriage Minute video!!!!

In this Marriage Minute I am sharing something that I have learned can be a good tip/idea to include in your marriage. Hope you enjoy!!



14 thoughts on “Day 23: Marriage Minute!!

  1. sarahschultz2384 says:

    That was adorable! We love our date nights and protect them fiercely! Even if we are just popping some popcorn and watching 5 episodes of The Office.

  2. I love the video and was so entertained! My beloved and I have enjoyed a weekly date night for years, and it has really helped us now that the kiddos are grown and gone.

  3. How did you create your video? I’m interested in creating some teaching videos for my website and would love to learn. Thanks! And I totally agree date nights are so important. We are trying to be better about having them on a regular basis. With 5 kids it hasn’t always been easy and we’ve let it slip, but we are trying to make it more of a priority to go out once a week.

    • Hi Sara I can’t imagine how hard it is to find time for date night when you have 5 kids but cheers to you for trying to make it a priority. Start small and build on it. I’m working on starting a VA business, I’ve been learning about different things and this is one of things. This site that I used is called powtoon The first time I was so concerned that I would not be able to create a video but it was actually not that bad they also give you a tutorial before you start. If I can help you in anyway please let me know.

  4. I have never seen this done before! So creative. I’m a date-nighter married 39 years and loving it! Still need those date nights and date weekends!

    • So glad that you liked it Sharon. Congratulations on 39 years of marriage. It is so great to see that you still have date nights. I think that I want make a post on date night ideas. I hope you will come back and share. I’m pretty sure you will have some great ideas.

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