Day 24: What I learned

Welcome to day 24 of the 31 day Challenge!!!

Hello my blogger friends! This marks the 4th Friday of my blogging journey.  What a journey it has been!!   In the beginning I was a little concerned  not sure if I could do this, what to think, what the results would be, and what to do next. I took my concerns in prayer to God and He worked for me.   As the weeks went by I think that I have gotten a bit more confident about writing posts on various topics, and using different tools in the process of creating and posting.  Now there is only one week left. Apple on Desk It feels like being back in school again, on the first day your scared.  Then the months go by you learn and learn and when it’s the last day of school you don’t remember that you were scared on the first day. Next week will be like my last day of school!

This week I learned about blog love. You know when people come to your blog and comment on your posts.  This week is the most reads and comments that I have received since I started.  I am so grateful and appreciative of all those that stopped by and joined the conversation.  Connecting with people (which I believe is a goal of blogging) exchanging experiences and learning from one another. God has allowed me to reach out to this community with things that are “ME” and people heard me.  So I would like to say a special thank you for those that read any blog post, liked any post, decided to follow me and left a comment.  You are appreciated!!!!




2 thoughts on “Day 24: What I learned

    • So true!!! It can be so exciting so many things to choose from. As long as I don’t hinder myself the sky is the limit 🙂 Thank you for the encouragement!!!

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