Day 27: Monday’s Story

Welcome to day 27 of the 31 day Challenge!!!

Here is Part 4….

architech As he drives to the site his mind is still in a daze, he spent the entire day in a daze.  He gets out of his car walks over to Mrs. Walker and just stares in disbelief.  Mrs. Walker turns to him and says, “I can’t believe it either.”  Inspector Lemon walks over to where they were standing.  Inspector Lemon asks John to speak with him for a moment.  They walk a little ways away from Mrs. Walker. She states that this is the second project that he’s been working on that has burned down. She wonders if perhaps he has noticed anything unusual at either site.  He tells her that he has not seen anything out of the ordinary.  Inspector Lemon tells him thank you and walks away.  Mrs. Walker walks over and tells John that she has been told that an investigation has to be conducted and work will not be able to resume until a few months from now.  John tells her that he understands, says goodbye and heads home.
When he reaches home he notices his answering machine blinking.  He walks over to it and presses the play button.  “Hello John, this is Mr. Watters.  I heard about the fire over at Ms. Walkers and in an effort to protect my establishment I have decided to hire another architect to handle my project.  Thank you and I wish you well.” John sits for a long time shocked to the core.  All the jobs that he has been working on to earn a livelihood were disappearing right before his eyes.  The phone ringing brought him back to reality.  He answered the phone, it was David wanting to know how everything went and to see if he will be coming back to the his site to help tomorrow.  He tells David that he will not be able to start working on Ms. Walker’s project for a while so he will be able to come tomorrow.  He hangs up the phone and looks to get to his bed it has been a long day.
At the site the next day David has the crew divided in two teams. Team A – grass cutting, Team B – clearing bottles, cans, wood and any other trash.  John was on Team B and for the next three days this is what he did.
That Friday John met up with his friends Trisha, Berty, and Stella.  Trisha and Berty had been away visiting relatives and had just come back. bowlingStella lived in another state but came in a week early for Thanksgiving to beat the hectic travel.  John fills them in on everything that has been happening.  They can hardly believe what he has told them but they decide that he really needs to de-stress and will make a weekend of it.  They did dinner, movies, breakfast, bowling, and pool.  After this enjoyable weekend John knows that he needs to focus on finding additional work. Early Monday morning he sends out resumes and for the next two days this is all he does.
On Thanksgiving morning his Aunt calls him and asks him to pick her up so she can get some flowers. She is waiting when he arrives at her house.  She tells him to try Katie’s Flower Shop because she saw that it was going to be open today. He goes inside with his Aunt and they feel that the best flower to get would be pink roses. John goes to Kimberly the cashier, orders 3 dozen pink roses, and pays.  Kimberly and the clerk put the flowers together in the boxes. He and his Aunt say thank you and goodbye to Kimberly and the clerk. Something pops into his mind but he can’t figure out what.
Thanksgiving Feast They reach the house, once inside Aunt Jane puts John to work and places the flower boxes down until later.  When it’s time to start working on the centerpieces Aunt Jane starts to open the boxes.  She takes  one flower out of the last box and places it on a smaller table off to the side and proceeds to arrange the flowers.  John walks into the dining room to help his Aunt.  She tells him that she put the flower on the small table because she thought that he had brought it for someone special.  He turns around and sees a sunflower sitting on the small table.  He turns to his Aunt and says, “it’s not mine.” She says, “well it’s one of my favorites is it ok if I add it to a centerpiece?” He tells her yes. Everyone arrives and the festivities begin.  John now has so many questions going through his mind and what was it that he thought he remembered earlier. During the course of the evening John just stares at the flower. John decides that he is going to head home early.  He tells everyone goodbye and leaves.
So happy to be at home, John settles in and sees what’s on t.v.  About an hour later he hears knocking on the door. When he opens the door Inspector Lemon is there with 2 other officers.  She says John Ryan I need you to come down to the station with me to answer a few questions…

Sunflower Blooming


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