Day 30: Date Night Ideas

Welcome to day 30 of the 31 day Challenge!!!

Blogger friends last Thursday I did a “marriage minute” based on having a date nights in your marriage.

I did receive comments on that post and I decided to write a post about “date night ideas.”  Date nights are very important in a marriage to help reconnect, to de-stress, to simply enjoy and have fun.   I have asked some fellow bloggers who are doing this 31 day challenge to help me compile a list of ideas for a date night. The list below is the compiled list.  One of the ladies even has a pinterest board dedicated to date night ideas if you have an opportunity check it out.

Date Night Ideas

1. “We like to get take out (usually Thai) and set a little    table in front of the fire in the living room with wine    and soft music and just talk. After kids go to bed.”

2.  Staying home and playing board games

3. “Having your picture taken by the street sign with your     number of years behind you…Married 14 find 14th     street. Then pick the local restaurant that is in the  top 50 that is your number of years married. 14 for us  would be a local bbque. Then order the 14th item.   Sounds weird but really a lot of fun and entertaining.  You could break it down to appetizer, main meal and   dessert at different restaurants!”

4.  “We love going out for coffee together. My husband does the research to find all the fun places to try. Easy on the budget, too. And since we live in the city, we love to walk or take the el.”

5. ” Our date nights tend to be going to ballgames… my husband is a high school basketball coach, so when he’s not coaching, he’s scouting. I tag along… while he’s absorbed in the game I take a book to read (and  usually end up watching and nodding my head about some play that I know nothing about). We get to chat on the ride to and from the game, though… our son generally declines going to games of people “who I have no idea who they are.”, so it is “us” time.”

6.  “We light a fire in the garden and sit outside watching the stars and talking. We go for bike rides. If we aren’t quite up to conversation we go to a film. We aren’t very good at date nights but we are trying.”

7.  “This may sound silly, but we go grocery shopping at the end of our weekly date nights and think of funny or suggestive things to say about the food. It’s also a great way to start the week because he knows what’s     in the fridge then and can’t complain when I haven’t stocked up on his favorite thing  Oddly enough, it works!”

8.  A picnic at home on the floor (with blanket, picnic basket and favorite foods).

9.  “We go hike this trail in our town or hit the gym together.”

10.  “We don’t do date nights often as my husband has extreme social anxiety, but here are some things we’ve done… Picnic in the park, take a drive in the country, dinner & a movie, make dinner at home together, go for a walk… All cheap, easy, fun things to do.”

11.  “If you’re more of an inside sort of person, how about a movie nights in a month based on a theme. Like a month of mysteries, a month of sports movies, a month of Foodie movies, a month if comedies, That why you get to see a variety of films.”

12. “We’ve done a bucket list date night and a dream house date night.”

13 .  “We go out to our favorite restaurant for dinner.”

14.  “A little jar, strips of papers with recipes that you want to try. Fold them the strips of paper and put them into the jar.  Then on your date night you take one of the recipes out and cook.”

15.  Karaoke night with all your favorite songs.

16.  “Have a painting/ drawing night. Both decide on the pictures and then on the night you gather all the supplies and settle for a night of artistic creation.”

17.  Iron Chef Chocolate: Make a meal with chocolate featured in every course. Who says chocolate can’t be served as a main course? You can either make a meal together or divide up the courses between each of you and surprise the other with your sweet & savory creations.(happywivesclub)

18.  Living Room Camp-Out: Get anything you have that makes you feel like your camping out and set it up in your living room (i.e. camping chairs, turn off the lights and use flashlights, blanket…). Make tin foil dinners in your oven for the dinner.(happywivesclub)

19.  This actually starts before night stopping somewhere for to-go food (usually McDonalds). Driving to a nice spot where you can see the sun set.

20.  Going star gazing and see how many Constellations you can identify.

There are some great ideas in this list if you try any or have more ideas please share in the comments section.


Thanks to the bloggers from the 31 day Challenge who gave their ideas so willingly.



10 thoughts on “Day 30: Date Night Ideas

  1. I love reading other people’s date night ideas. Ours tend to be at home dates watching a movie or playing board games, with a little one at home but we get out occasionally. Seriously looking forward to going away for a night just us for our 10 year anniversary in December though. It will be a date weekend! I shall have to remember some of these for future.

    • Yay for a date weekend hopefully you can get some good ideas!!! My anniversary is in December also, I once did an indoor picnic it was pretty good. Congratulations on 10 years!!!!

  2. Wow, there are some great ideas here! I’ve been married 36 years, and I could really benefit from some of these. Great job collecting them!

    Cindy Garrett Swanson

    • Thank you for your comment. Congratulations on 36 years!!! it is always great to see people married for so long. Hope that some of the ideas can be helpful.

    • Good luck on making your date night a priority. I’m glad that you have an idea that will be helpful to you.
      When I saw the Iron Chef one I said that I will have to try it soon.

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