Day 31: What I have learned

Welcome to day 31 of the 31 day Challenge!!!!


This is the official last day of the 31 day Challenge.  This has been a true blogging journey.  My last four weeks of “what I learned” (Week 1, 2, 3, 4,) which is the name of the Friday series that I have done.  When I first saw this 31 day challenge it took me a while to actually say yes I would join.  On the very first days I was very nervous. All the “what if questions’ flooded my mind. Through much prayer God brought me through.

This has been a great journey and I have learned so much and connected with other bloggers.  I read stories, recipes, ideas, list from many different blogger.  I learned how to do so many things on my own blog.  I learned to create a button, posts, actually posted, schedule posts, comment, reply, creating and posting videos.

In this my final week I learned about quizzes.  I decided to create a quiz about t.v. shows from the past.  I learned about MP3 conversions, creating questions, and how to post the quiz on my blog.   I had to re-start a few times, repost a few times until there were no mistakes.  This process was long and tedious but it was fun.

In this journey there were many times that I thought I would just stop. Wouldn’t that be considered a  failure? I learned that it is not a failure. Some people will be able to post everyday and some may not post everyday.  In this challenge I learned that sometimes it’s not always about posting every day but posting what has been placed on your heart by God. To all my fellow bloggers who were apart of this challenge congrats for completing it.  Whether you posted everyday or not you kept pushing through to completion.  I feel like a semi writer now and I’m figuring out what will be next.



4 thoughts on “Day 31: What I have learned

  1. Congratulations on finishing! It has been fun (most of the time), hasn’t it! I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned from so many of you. 🙂 Now that I have time!

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