mystery story day 1

Welcome to Day 1

This is the beginning of my story it does not have a title just yet but by the end of my 31 days I will have a title.


It had been a hard ride. In some of my classes I would be 1 of 2 females in the entire class of 35. Through steady diligence and perseverance and a lot of encouragement from Grandpa Patrick and my dad (who had been a sheriff) I made it through and graduated 3rd in my class from police academy and that was 12 years ago. Now I was a Crime Scene Investigator living in the city. Grandpa Patrick wasn’t my real grandfather but looking at us at times you would never be able to tell.
I should have visited him sooner but I get so caught up in work that time seems to pass me by. When I got the call from Carla this morning I knew it was serious. Carla and I grew up like sisters. Grandpa Patrick was really her grandfather. She told me that Grandpa was in the hospital. Grandpa had always been the picture of health. It seems like for the last six months he has been steadily going down. Now it had reached a critical state and they were calling the family in to say their good byes.
I headed for the garage where I parked my car in the city. I was going to pick up Carla about an hour from the city and go see grandpa. I had lived in quaint little town named Karlinioville before I moved to the city after college.



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