Mystery Story day 4

Welcome to Day 4

Welcome to day 4 of the Mystery story.


It had been a few months since I had last seen Carla. In an hour I had pulled up in front of Carla’s home. She got in the car and gave me the longest hug ever.  Partly because she has not seen me in a while and the other was for support that we both need in that moment. She tells me about all the new things that they were adding to the hospital where she works.  As I head in the direction of the hospital. Carla loves her job as assistant head nurse for River County Hospital.  The fact that it was so close to Karlinioville and she could visit home whenever she wanted was a plus.

When we reached the hospital the majority of Carla’s family was there. Another round of hugs happens. Grandpa’s son Uncle Thomas and his wife Aunt Kim are there they don’t have any children yet. Grandpa’s daughter Aunt Rebecca and Uncle George who are Carla’s parents. Aunt Diana who was Grandpa’s youngest were all standing in the hallway.  Grandpa’s eldest son Uncle Walter (who everyone called Walt) and his son Paul had not arrived yet.  They tell us the room number I go into the room while Carla was speaking with her mother.


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