Mystery Story day 5

Welcome to day 5!!!

Welcome to the continuing of the mystery story!!

  As I walked in I noticed that the room had great big windows all around a set that faced outside and a set that faced the hallway and you could see in.  I went to the bed and took a hold of Grandpa’s hand and said “Grandpa Patrick I’m here”. I felt his fingers tighten around my fingers. I saw his eye lids flutter then his eyes began to slowly open. I leaned down to his ear and told him that I loved him.  As I was raising up I saw his lips begin to move I leaned back down with my ear as close to his lips as possible. He whispered something very faintly I almost didn’t catch it.    As I stood to straighten up I noticed that the family that was in the hallway was coming/streaming into the room.  Someone asked, Did Grandpa say something to you Leslie? I wasn’t sure who had asked the question. I said, “I think that he wants some water. I saw Rebecca reach for the cup with the sponge in it and go to grandpa. She slowly wets his lips.  I see he has closed his eyes again.  Just then the nurse comes in and says there are too many people in the room. At the same time that the doctor walks in.  As half the group leaves they tell the doctor that Grandpa ask for water.  Dr. White looks surprised but says that is a very good sign of improvement.  I am among those that leave the room along with Uncle George, Aunt Kim and Uncle Thomas. Before I leave I look around to see if anything seems out of the ordinary or if anything jumps out at me.  Nothing immediately stands out. I walk out of the door and straight to the outside of the hospital. I place a call back to the station. I have a few days saved up so I decide that I better use them now. I needed to be here because of what Grandpa had whispered to me.

Stay tuned for part 4 tomorrow


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