Mystery story day 6

Welcome to day 6!!!

Welcome to another day of the mystery story. Enjoy!


I went back inside and straight to the waiting room everyone was there except Carla who was still inside with Grandpa. As Carla headed back to the waiting area she passes the nurses station and see one her friends Nurse Stacey. They had attended Nursing school together.  Carla greets Nurse Stacey and the chit chat for a while, but before she leaves Carla asks Nurse Stacey if she would please keep an eye out for Grandpa.  Nurse Stacey says that she would and if anything came up she would call Carla. Carla thanks Stacey and continue to head towards the waiting room. When Carla comes in the waiting room she says that Uncle Walt and Paul have just arrived.

She came over to me with a peculiar look on her face.  I asked her if she alright and she said yes but I knew that look meant that she had something to tell me. We decided to stay at the hospital 2 more hours.  Aunt Rebecca suggested that we all take turns staying with Grandpa everyone thought that it was a good idea.  We decide that we would leave the family once the schedule was finalized and have dinner at the local diner.


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