Mystery story day 7

Welcome to day 7!

I hope that you have been enjoying the story here is the next part.


At dinner Carla says, “Leslie, something is not right”. While I was in the room I went to fluff Grandpa’s pillow and noticed that it was drenched. So I decided to take a peek at his chart. From what she could see everything appeared to be fine but his rapid deterioration had her concerned. I even asked Stacey to keep an eye on him.  “I think that I want a second opinion,” she says. Not to mention the fight that I will have to put up with is going to be crazy because we know everyone in this town. I begin to speak, Carla, remember when I was leaning down to hear Grandpa. She shakes her head yes. He said, “Help me.” I’m not leaving until I know what is going on around here. Carla agrees and decides that she also will stay. Then Carla gets on the phone with one of her doctor friends (Dr. Gold) that lived in another state and explained the situation to him and the uneasiness that she was having. He tells her that if she arranges everything he will come as soon as possible.


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