Mystery story day 8

Welcome to day 8!!!

Welcome to another day of the mystery story!!


We paid our bill and head for Grandpa’s house.  “Will everyone be at the house,” I ask Carla. She says yes and begins to tell me about what has been happening the last few months at the house. Uncle Thomas and Aunt Kim moved in about a year ago when they lost their home due to Uncle Thomas’ gambling. Uncle Walt was promoted to part owner of the family furniture (Sentry Goods) business when Grandpa became sick about 7 months ago and he moved in so he could help out. Uncle Thomas ended up working at Sentry Goods doing all things computer but Uncle Walt won’t promote him. Aunt Diana moved in about 6 months ago When Grandpa stopped paying for her apartment. They all want her to find a job but she has no intention.  Paul shows up whenever he in trouble or need more money.  He also works for the business.  Carla tells me that her mom volunteers at Sentry Goods whenever Paul doesn’t show up.  Everyone from time to time pitches in with Jeffery Grandpa’s manservant to help with taking care of Grandpa.


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