Mystery Story day 10

Welcome to Day 10!!!!

Welcome to day 10 and the continuing mystery story.

I follow her to one of the guest rooms. She sits at the computer desk to begin her internet search on flights for the doctor and I take a seat on the bed.  Fifteen minutes pass and Carla turns to me and says, “this computer is acting funny.” I look up the screen and it was as if she was not in control of the computer.  The mouse starts moving all over the screen. Then the computer shuts down. Carla starts up the computer again.  She tries to move the mouse and it will go where she wants it for a few seconds then the mouse starts to move on its own. Different screen pages start to pop up.  We both look quizzically at each other then, the computer shuts down on its own again. Carla turns off and on the computer a few more times. When I finally look up at the time it has almost been an hour.  I suggest that she go and find Uncle Thomas he was pretty good with computers.  I hear her call my name from the hallway.  I get up, leave the room and find her standing in the study pointing.  She says, “Leslie look.” I step into the study and look at where she is pointing too I see a computer on a desk.  On the screen of this computer was everything that was on the computer that we were working on in the guest bedroom. Has someone been controlling the computer in the guest room I wonder out loud.   Suddenly Carla rushes in and sits sown at the desk and says Leslie let’s see if that is what has been happening.  Before I can say don’t touch anything she starts typing away.   Carla, I say I could have dusted for prints and she says,” oops”!!!  I leave her and go back to the guest room.  I type in a webpage and then reach for the phone to dial the study. Carla I say, “do you see anything?” She is able to tell me the webpage that I just typed in.  She has control of the computer she can even shut down the computer from her side. She comes back to the room where I am her face is red with anger.  “Someone doesn’t want the doctor here,” I tell her. “It sure looks like that,” she says.


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