Mystery story day 12

Welcome to day 12!!!!

Welcome to day 12 and the continuing of the mystery story!!!!

The hospital told them that they could leave so they have been home for about half an hour.  Uncle Walt says he believes that he saw someone going up stairs but he wasn’t sure.  The last person to ask was Jeffery as we were walking out of the kitchen we meet Jeffery heading towards the kitchen.  Jeffery says that he usually makes tea for him and Grandpa around 8:45 and they would sit and talk about the day.  It would usually calm Mr. Sentry down and even though Mr. Sentry was in the hospital he couldn’t stop the nightly ritual.  Not to interrupt you Jeffery but did you happen to see anyone in the hallway? I ask.  I did see Mr. Thomas heading upstairs and also there was someone in the study but he assumed that it was either me or Carla.  No it wasn’t us I tell Jeffery, but we are to trying to figure out who it was. “Thank you,” Jeffery I say as we walk away.  We head back to the guest room.   Once inside Carla whispers to me, “How do we get Dr. Gold up here?” I say, I have an idea. I pick my cell phone and call the station and speak to detective Claude he owes me a favor.  Claude, it’s Willis I’m calling in my favor.  I’m in Karlinoville and I need to get a doctor up here ASAP.  I look to Carla for the address of the doctor and read it off to him, tell him the time that I need Dr. Gold here tomorrow and that I will text him the address to drop him at.  Thanks Claude, I say before I hang up as I was hanging up.  I tell Carla to call Dr. Gold and let him know that everything is set and he will be escorted here early tomorrow morning.  I pick up my phone again and call Burnett. Burnett was one of my Dad’s friends and he owned a hotel here in town.  His hotel is where we would spent many a staycation and sometimes Carla would come.  Burnett would give us the biggest room we would order pizzas and movies it was so much fun.  Every now and then when I did get the opportunity to come home I would always stay there.  “BTowers How may I help you,” I heard someone voice on the other line say. Mr. Brunette please it’s Leslie I say. One moment please. Leslie, how are you? I’m good Burnett I need your help. How can I help you? I need to reserve a room for a client but I’ll need it real early in the morning for a few days.  Not a problem, Leslie I’ll give you one of our very best suites and I’ll let the night folk know to expect someone in before check in hours.  Thank you, Burnett I knew I could count on you, I say.  Anything for you darling, have a good night now. You too I say and hang up.   I tell Carla everything is all set and that we should not let anyone know that the doctor was coming.


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