Mystery story day 13

Welcome to day 13!!!

Welcome to day 13 and the continuing mystery story!!

Ring, ring, ring Carla’s phone goes off.  Hello Carla said dreamily into the phone. I’m sorry to wake you the voice on the other end said in a rushed whispering voice.  It’s Stacey. Then Carla put it on speaker phone. They told us not to contact the family, but as soon as I got an opportunity I had to call you. Last night, about 2 hours after your parents were dismissed your grandfather had an episode he became disorientation, had a bout of vomiting, and dizziness. Dr. White told us that there was no reason to worry the family and that He would handle everything.  He’s been like that all night.   Stacey, did you see anything in the room that may not have been there before. Stacey says there is a cup with water that has the sponge in it for wetting Mr. Sentry’s mouth and some tea.  Stacey do you think that you can get me a sample of that water and tea.  I will try Leslie, but I have to go now. Carla and I look at each other for a long moment. I say to Carla let’s go.   No one is awake and the house is quiet.  Carla decides that she will call/text her family later.  We head out the door and in the car Carla calls Dr. Gold and tells him to have Claude drop him at the Hospital. As we enter the hospital we see Stacey.  I tell Carla to take Dr. Gold to Grandpa and I am going to talk with Stacey.


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