31-Day challenge



About 2 weeks ago I came across the Nester’s 31 day challenge this is the 6th annual 31 day challenge. Each challenge takes place in the month of October. Where you write a blog post or post to your blog for 31 one days on a topic of your choosing.


I have never actually written a blog before so I thought what better way of beginning than with a 31 day challenge.

My topic for this challenge is 31 days journey to become a blogger.  I will be blogging on different topics and sharing all advice and information that I learn about blogging.  🙂

Hope that you can join me on this journey!!!!!



Day 1: Wednesday’s Recipe

Day 2: Marriage Minute!

Day 3: What I learned

Day 4: Saturday Inspiration

Day 5: Sunday Favorites

Day 6: Monday’s Story

Day 7: Motivational Quote

Day 8: Wednesday’s Recipe

Day 9: Marriage Minute!

Day 10: What I learned

Day 11: Encouragement for Today

Day 12: TV shows from the past

Day 13: Monday’s Story

Day 14: Tuesday Inspiration

Day 15: Wednesday Recipe

Day 16: Marriage Minute!

Day 17: What I learned

Day 18: Encouragement for Today

Day 19: Theme Songs

Day 20: Monday’s Inspiration

Day 21: Monday’s Story

Day 22: Restaurants

Day 23: Marriage Minute

Day 24: What I learned 

Day 25: Encouragement for Today

Day 26: T.V. Show Quiz


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